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Justin Bieber saved the day yesterday, when heavyweight champion Floyd Mayweather’s children were involved in an L.A. car crash.

According to TMZ, Bieber and Mayweather were on the phone while Pretty Boy Floyd was on the red carpet of the BET Awards. Mayweather was concerned for his children’s safety when he heard about the accident, and was upset he was not present to help.

Being the supportive friend he is, the “Never Say Never” singer was close enough to the accident and decided to go check on the children.

He told police he was a friend of the family and wanted to make sure everything was OK. TMZ stated:

We’re told it was a multi-vehicle collision … several cars and a motorcycle.  The kids were not seriously injured — one had a busted lip — and Bieber tried comforting them by playing his new music for them.

The police then allowed Bieber to drive the children to safety with their father.

Kudos to Justin; it’s nice to see him in the news for something positive for a change.


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