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We’re trying to get used to the new Rihannabut we’re kind of missing the bad girl who got her Instagram shut down not too long ago due to her inability to keep calm and cover her nipples. 

Now that the Roc Nation superstar is only on Twitter…dare we say it? Rihanna’s turned down. In place of some of the sexiest photos we’ve ever seen, are now photos of family – and one member in particular – Rih’s niece.

We’re not complaining though, as her niece is such a cute little bundle of joy. Rihanna shared the above photo, in which she goes topless, with the caption:

“Aunty and Me

The 26-year-old “Pour It Up” singer didn’t stop there, sharing a few more photos that showed her spending time with the newest addition to her family.

In one, she sniffs baby girl, while in two others she can be seen planting kisses on her.

Rihanna’s fallen in love. Check out more photos in the gallery below.


AuntyOhNaNa! Rihanna Kicks It With Her Niece & Nephew (PHOTOS)
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