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On Saturday night, Kanye West blessed London’s Wireless Festival with a second performance. Having been booed during his first performance for going on a lengthy 20-minute rant in the middle of his set, Kanye changed his approach for round two.

Rather than airing out last night’s dirty laundry, Yeezy kept his rant brief and showed us his more vulnerable side, comparing himself to “a porcupine, or a blowfish.” His monologue focused more on explaining why he’s constantly lashing out, rather than actually lashing out. The crowd seemed to appreciate Kanye keeping it real with them:

Yeezy gave an extra treat to the audience by playing three Drake songs: “Trophies,” “We Made It,” and “All Me.” After all, the reason he was booked to play the festival in the first place was because Drake was forced to back out due to sudden illness. The rest of his set included all the Kanye classics one would hope to hear at one of his shows. ‘Ye was definitely more focused on leaving the crowd pleased, rather than making a point this time around.

But wait! That’s not all Yeezy had in store for us this past weekend.

The night after his performance at the Wireless Festival, Kanye hit a London Club with his creative director Virgil Abloh and took over the DJ booth, reportedly playing 20 new unreleased original songs. It seems ‘Ye is cautiously testing the waters before he unleashes the sequel to last summer’s seminal album Yeezus.

Though no video of the event has surfaced yet, tweets from people who were at the club described Kanye’s new songs as sounding “hellish” and “dark.” ‘Hyped’ is not strong enough of a word for what you should be feeling in regards to the forthcoming Yeezus 2. 


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