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Remember when stylist Mel Ottenberg said Rihanna had run out of clothesPuh-lease, we said.

Well, it looks like he was telling the truth. Last night, RiRi was spotted out and about in New York City, literally looking like she woke up like this. Because what does someone who has absolutely nothing left to wear, well, wear? Her nightgown, because why not?

All the fashion folk have been flocking to Paris for the Chanel and other haute couture shows, but this Very Important Person’s presence has been noticeably missing. Maybe she slept through it by accident? That’s a secret Victoria’s keeping from us all.

The sleeping beauty awoke from her slumber wearing a pretty pink nightie and a bed-head hairdo to match. She kept it cute and comfy by topping the look with a jean jacket while sporting a pair of $45 Converse sneakers. And in her clutch was a $1,200 Louis Vuitton Alma BB handbag.

Get another look at the getup below.


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