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Finding true love seems so rare these days, who knew it would show up on the doorstep of one of Hollywood’s most beloved – Ciara?

The singer and dancer, who recently gave birth to her first son with fiancé Future, sat down for a talk with Brides magazine earlier this year and dished on meeting her soon-to-be husband for the first time. As she told their tale of love, Ciara got super emotional and started to cry.

CiCi recalled:

“With love, I was kinda like, ‘You know what? I’m gonna really close that door off and if something hits me than it just has to hit me.’

The conversation was amazing and we [were] just talking and he was so sweet and he was so gentle. Ahh! I don’t know why I’m getting emotional. He was just really, really a sweetheart. So either way…I don’t know why I’m getting emotional right now.

I wasn’t looking at him for that part of life. Like I wasn’t looking at him to look for love. Just like meeting an amazing person, we’re gonna work together, have a good time. But I had a double take at one point in time and I was like, ‘This guy is really handsome. He’s really cute. He’s really tall!’ You don’t know what to expect when you meet somebody, but I’m looking at him and I’m thinking like, ‘Wow!’”

The 28-year-old mom – romantically linked to Bow Wow and 50 Cent during the earlier part of her career – seems as though she’s finally comfortable in life, spending lots of time with her hip-pop family… especially its newest addition Baby Future. But according to CiCi, all of her blessings were just so “unexpected.”

She explains:

[The past few years] has been like the most unexpected happiness that has happened in my life and I love that it was unexpected. I also put into the universe what I wanted so I have to say I feel good that the things that I asked for or spoke on are continuing to come true.

I’m looking forward to just holding and growing old with my fiance — err — husband. Because I’m the only child, I love kids so much and I love family and love being around people that I really love.

It’s so cute, we could gag… check out the clip above.


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