celebrities crying

Finding true love seems so rare these days, who knew it would show up on the doorstep of one of Hollywood’s most beloved – Ciara? The singer and dancer, who recently gave birth to her first son with fiancé Future, sat down for a talk with Brides magazine earlier this year and dished on meeting […]

Could Selena Gomez be any cuter? The singer definitely loves her fans and Friday some one-on-one time with them brought her to tears. While on her Stars Dance World Tour, the 21 year old got up close and personal with her fans and was so overjoyed with love it brought her to tears. While going on an […]

Music is moving.  Celebrities try to be tough, but when life is spiraling out of control and the music is right, sometimes celebs let it all go on stage.  Kelly Rowland made headlines over the weekend when she broke down on stage while performing her controversial single “Dirty Laundry.”  Kelly’s not first, nor will she […]

Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston both appear to have a new man in their life. The only difference is Jessica Simpson comes equip with sexual napalm. Spencer Pratt was also chilling with some lifeguards. I guess that’s how he’ll spend his time after The Hills. With that said here are the most mind boggling pics […]

Jessica Simpson and her life just keeps getting weirder by the day. She doesn’t brush her teeth, she has sexual napalm between her legs, and John Mayer will snort her. Now in order to remain or become beautiful, we find out she pours salt water in her nose for a beauty treatment.  Well actually this […]