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So this is pretty embarrassing.

A Transportation Security Administration agent is under some intense internet scrutiny after it was revealed the agent didn’t realize the District of Columbia was in the United States.

Yes, that happened.

It started when D.C. resident and Washington correspondent for WFTV-TV in Orlando, Justin Gray, tried to get through security at an Orlando airport Saturday. That’s when the agent told Gray that his driver’s license was not a valid form of identification. He asked for the D.C. resident’s passport, which he was not carrying at the time.

Eventually he was able to get through security, notifying the supervisor on duty of the geographical misunderstanding.

TSA confirms that a D.C. driver’s license is an acceptable form of ID, according to an e-mail from agency spokesman Ross Feinstein to USA TODAY Network.

“Officers are trained to identify fraudulent documents, which can potentially deter and detect individuals attempting to circumvent this layer of security,” Feinstein wrote.

Apparently (and sadly) this isn’t the first time a TSA agent wasn’t sure about the nation’s capital. In February, a TSA agent in Phoenix delayed a D.C. resident because the traveler couldn’t present a “state-issued” ID.