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The summer can introduce a lot of opportunities for the chance to better your craft. Sure, summer jobs can be the worst, like cleaning pools or jumping around in that Spiderman costume, but who said the road to stardom was easy?

For every sucky job you’ve had to deal with, there’s been a celebrity who can relate.

During Nissan’s Blvd of Dreams Series, we’ve highlighted some of your favorite celebrities and their not-so-glamorous past jobs. For these celebs, their old gigs have made them into well-rounded and very interesting people. From Brad Pitt’s job as an El Pollo Chicken mascot, to President Obama scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins, here are some A-listers with the worst odd jobs ever.

Check it out in the gallery below.


Celebs Reveal Their Odd Jobs (PHOTOS)
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