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In tough times for the MMG camp news, a Philadelphia judge has denied Maybach Music member Meek Mill’s request for an emergency hearing.

Lawyers of the 27-year-old rapper filed a petition asking to free Mill for violating his probation, which dates back to a 2009 gun and drug conviction. Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, to three to six months in jail for failing to provide his probation officer with a valid phone number, as well as for mocking the officer and the prosecutor assigned to the case on Twitter.

In addition, Mill violated his probation by booking out-of-town concerts without court permission, was “combative” and “disrespectful” to probation-office staffers and posted images on the social media site Instagram with a fire arm in his possession.

Brinkley’s rationale for denying to review Mill’s case was because her court schedule would not allow for a review of a case of this degree until September. Judge Brinkley has also forbidden any other judge to review the case. According to Mill’s lawyer Christopher Warren:

 “The last thing I want to do is go running to another judge to tell another judge what to do. But we have no choice…”

The only other legal option Mill’s lawyers have would be to petition a higher court, which would force Judge Brinkley to hold an emergency meeting.

“Such orders are so rare that Warren said he is still researching which court to petition to – the state Supreme Court, Superior Court or Commonwealth Court.”

In addition, the Dreams and Nightmares rapper’s team of lawyers argue that Brinkley’s jail sentence was unconstitutional because she did not hold the mandatory two hearings and give Mill written notice of his violations before she jailed him.

Hopefully Meek will be released in time for the promotion and release of his highly anticipated album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, on September 9.


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