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Today in “Stories from Florida we have a woman who has declared she isn’t a racist, despite her use of the N-word and a man who shouldn’t be allowed near pets.

Gear up folks, this is going to be a doozy.

Rage Against The Bus Driver 

Pamela Michene, a former bus driver from Sarasota was caught on camera calling her neighbor a “black f***ing n****er.”

In the video, uploaded to YouTube and Facebook by her neighbors, Pamela Michener, 52,  can be heard yelling at a neighborhood woman, telling her she is a “black f*cking n*gger.” Michener then bellows, “Let me tell you something, you fat f*cking n*gger, maybe if you disciplined your f*cking n*gger, stinky-ass black children, I wouldn’t have to put my two cents in.”

The 52-year-old says she received death threats so she had no choice to use the racial insults. Right

As she closed the door, Yates  asked about the specific words Michener used in front of the neighborhood children, and the woman replied, “Well, what do you expect? My life is threatened, okay? I have people attacking me all the time. What do you expect?”.

It was later revealed that Michene had a rap sheet with charges of battery and faking an attack. Welp.

Check out more details on Michine here…[Raw Story]

Nine Lives 

Thomas Mcguinness of Port Charlotte is catching fire for a photo he posted of him holding a gun to a cat’s face.

Mcguinness’ photo was reported to the The Animal Welfare League. He may face charges of animal cruelty. The photo was deleted, but that didn’t stop the wannabe cat lover from talking about the backlash.

Thomas Mcguinness later posted: “don’t know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot it twice.”

“That’s a confession, where I come from if we found a dead cat,” Jones said.

Animal control found other pictures of Mcguinness with guns to his dogs and himself.

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