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Kevin Gates says the darndest things.

If you’re not familiar with Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Besides landing on the cover of  XXL’s 2014 Freshmen Class cover, the “Posed To Be In Love” rapper has garnered most of his success due to his acclaimed 2013 project The Luca Brasi Story and his By Any Means follow-up in 2014.

With Instagram being one of the most accessible social media platforms for fans and artists to communicate, Kevin Gates isn’t a stranger to delivering a public service announcement every now and then (or multiple times a week).

His Instagram PSAs have garnered so much attention, that even other celebrities like Kevin Hart and Chris Brown have playfully posted impersonations of Kevin Gates.

His most famous video surrounds his admission that he loves to “eat the booty.” As crazy as it sounds to some people, in an odd way, Kevin’s admission made him more relatable (for the true freaks).

We don’t know how he does it, but the By Any Means rapper manages to crack a joke, give sound advice, say something prophetic, oh and slide in “I don’t get tired” in 15 seconds or less.

Check out our 11 favorite Kevin Gates Instagram videos down under, and remember, he doesn’t get tired. Also, catch Kevin in a city near you while he embarks on his “By Any Means” tour.

1. Shit, Shave, and Bathe

2. Sizzurp.

3. Rap artists vs. Hustlers

4. Little booties and waist trainers.

5. LOL 

6. Snow bunnies

7. Credit score has to be a 750 or higher

8. Mental gymnastics

9. Giving advice to his infant son

10. Kevin & His Invisible Girlfriend 

11. “Come home bae, I’ma buy you a Honda”

 SOURCE: Instagram

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