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The back-to-school flow is right around the corner, and while you may be making lists about your new year style, you may have forgotten about the accessories that go along with the new wardrobe. We’re not talking bracelets or jewelry, more like the gadgets. So if you’re a little behind on your back to school shopping, we’ve got a tech guide you’ll need to survive a whole year of classes and work.

Whether you’re going for an edgier look or a more classic approach, there are some gadgets that will not only take your look from 0 to 100, but will also keep you on top of all your important dates, assignments, and activities. Not everything on the list will be a perfect fit, but there’s definitely something for your type of schedule. It may be the 4G Nokia Lumia 630 that allows students to keep up with homework due dates, surf the internet, and download unlimited free music. Or it could be as simple as a classic pair of Beats by Dre, to listen to music on your way to and from class.

To have the latest gear, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny or two. But with just about a month to spare, you have a good amount of time to start counting your coins and saving up for at least one device to get you through the fall season.

So take note of what you might need, because this school year you don’t want to be the one caught with yesterday’s devices or playing catch-up to what’s new. The 4G Nokia Lumia 630 is available at Cricket Wireless in stores and online here, and you can shop the rest of our suggestions by clicking on the icons below.

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