1. Kylie’s colorful hair and dark lip combo is everything.

2. Piercings and eyeliner.

3. In deep thought.

4. Pardon her back.

5. Get ’em Kylizzle.

6. Nail art!

7. A choker, blue hair, and dark clothes – does it get more punk rock pretty than this?

8. Hippie and punk mixed.

9. Girly with an edgy twist.

10. Get ’em Kylizzle.

11. Sittin’ pretty.

12. Blondeish-blue hair, red lipstick, pointy nails – does it get more punk rock pretty than this?

13. Rock n’ roll.

14. Sisterly love!

15. Get ’em Kylizzle.

16. Badass besties.

17. Hey there, Kylie.

18. Sisterly love.

19. Loving the ombre.

20. Get ’em Kylizzle.

21. Fuck off.

22. Gorgeous!

23. Throwback to long hair, don’t care.

24. Get ’em Kylizzle.

25. We think Kylie’s motto is “Push it to the limit.”

26. Hey Kylie!

27. So pretty, but so punk.

28. Kylie brightens things up a bit, but she’s still edgy.

29. We love it.

30. Get ’em Kylizzle.

31. Kylie does it again.

32. Can you guess which nails are Kylie’s?

33. Nail art.

34. Black lips.

35. Kylie’s so unimpressed.

36. Get ’em Kylizzle.

37. Opposites attract!

38. Oh hey shawty!

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