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Local DJ’s don’t come for us we’re just the messengers but, Paris Hilton was paid a rousing $347,000 per hour, yes per hour, to DJ at Ibizia’s Amnesia Club on Wednesday night. The heiress was given flack for lack of actually mixing music and simply pressing play on a Beyonce mix. Find out more about it out here. [complex]

Producer-extrordinares Diplo and Skrillex are teaming up and working on a Jack U mixtape. The hip-hop set was broadcasted on BBC Radio 1, listen for it at 29:50. [hypetrak]

From the deep, dark depths of the digital underground, emerge Le Knight Club’s (Guy-Man De Homem-Christo & Éric Chedeville) remix of Daft Punk’s ‘Technologic‘. The elusive track has unexpectedly appeared on Daft Punk’s Human After All: The Remixes. Click here for the deets. [harderbloggerfaster]

Chi-Town’s Lupe Fiasco and Ty Dolla $ign have officially released the visuals for the single, “Next to It”, be the first to watch it now. [missinfo]

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