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According to police Chief Thomas Jackson, the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown is six-year veteran Darren Wilson. No disciplinary action has been taken against Wilson.

Before announcing Wilson’s name, Jackson told reporters about a robbery that occurred just minutes before Wilson and Brown’s interaction. He handed out copies of a police report from the strong-armed robbery of a nearby convenience store.

He gave no further details. More to come.


On Friday, Ferguson, Mo., police will identify the officer who fatally shot an unarmed Michael Brown, following days of unrest and clashes between police and Ferguson residents calling for his arrest.

His name, according to Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, will be released by 9 a.m. ET.

The announcement comes after Twitter suspended an account Thursday linked to a loose-knit “hacktivist” group that released the name of a police officer it said shot and killed Brown on Saturday night. However, police, Ferguson’s mayor and the stepmother of the man named all said the group was incorrect and that the person named is not a police officer.

The announcement, coupled with the announcement that the Missouri Highway Patrol would be taking control of security from Gov. Jay Nixon, reportedly allowed residents of Ferguson to gather peacefully on Thursday night. The show of militarized police has escalated the tensions, according to Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) of Missouri:

“We need to de-militarize this situation – this kind of response by the police has become the problem instead of the solution. I obviously respect law enforcement’s work to provide public safety, but my constituents are allowed to have peaceful protests, and the police need to respect that right and protect that right. Today is going to be a new start, we can and need to do better.”

We’ll keep you updated with the latest.


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