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We know that Justin Timberlake is willing to go above and beyond for his fans, and he recently did so once again during on of his 20/20 Experience tour stops.

During a break in his set, the “Take Back The Night” singer acknowledged an autistic boy in the crowd, who told JT that it was his 8th birthday that day, and all he wanted was to see the singer for his special day.

Not only did he get to go to the concert for his born day, Justin recruited the whole audience to sing him “Happy Birthday” in unison…which was over 25,000 people!

The 8-year-old looked like he was beaming with joy, as his father posted the video to Youtube, and wrote in the description:

Even as his parents, my husband and I have taken a long while to understand. We didn’t get it, not until last year anyway, when we discovered that Julian had high functioning autism. It’s why he passed the screenings despite our suspicions and denial that something wasn’t quite right. It’s why it took us so long to acknowledge and put our finger on what was wrong. This boy that seemed academically so advanced and emotionally so far behind. This boy that still bites his fingers when he gets excited and has emotional outbursts like he’s going on 5, not 8. This boy who wanted nothing but the JT 20/20 Experience for his birthday.

My worry was if his Dad and I were still figuring him out, how were all these people around us going to understand him or the fact that he might say the same things over and over all night or knock over their beer, or the fact that he could listen to Sexyback 6000 times and never get sick of it? And trust me when I tell you this summer I learned that is, in fact, entirely possible.

We were there early and I looked around wondering who would be sitting around us, so when this group of gorgeous looking girls came and sat next to us, I cringed. They were dressed to the nines. They looked amazing in that girls night out way reminiscent of my college days. I knew they came to get their JT on and I wanted everyone to have the good time they came to have.

My husband, on the other hand, hoisted our giant 8 year old as high as he could get him, not thinking he might disrupt anyone while I worried the people behind us wouldn’t be able to see. And all the while Julian in perfect autistic fashion was repeating himself over and over, knocking into the chairs and dancing and singing and yelling, “It’s my birthday!! This is my present! This is my present! I LOVE YOU JT!!”

That is so sweet! Check out the video of JT singing to the boy above!

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