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Stay woke, folks.

In the wake of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Ezell Ford’s deaths, 50 Cent and G-Unit unleash a fiery response to the police brutality that’s been plaguing the Black community for decades.

Using actual audio of Eric Garner begging for air when he was allegedly choked out by undercover NYPD officers and Captain Ron Johnson’s heartfelt speech down in Missouri, 50 Cent takes over the hook rapping, “now why the f*ck did you call the cops? Your hands up still getting shot/ here they come now, they’re out on patrol/ they done killed a few, they finna kill some more.”

“Walked in here on that bullsh*t, I’ve been turnt up all day busting shots/ Ever since Mike Brown went down, my whole city like ‘f*ck a cop’/ run a red light, f*ck a stop,” raps Buck.

Take a listen to “Ahh Sh*t” below.

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