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As many students head back to school this week, the story of Charity Johnson  is still circulating the halls of New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas.

According to ABC News, students and faculty miss the 34-year-old woman who posed as a high school student and was arrested after being discovered.

Johnson’s former peers at New Life Christian School in Longview, Texas, aren’t angry, principal Stuart Newlin told ABC News today, a day after classes resumed. In fact, they miss Johnson, who left town after she was released from jail in June, he said.

“It’s a small school, and the girls here that knew her actually liked her,” Newlin said. “One of the girls just yesterday said, ‘I miss Charity.’ They’ve had three months to think about how she was much older than she said she was, and they still said that.”

Johnson, went by Charity Stevens at the school, served 85 days in jail for her false identity crime and was also ordered to pay a fine.

Teachers say they don’t regret the moments they shared with Johnson. With only 27 students enrolled last year, everyone was close to the faux student.

“The kids are close,” Newlin said. “None of the teachers regret the time we invested in her, even if she was 34 instead of 16,” Newlin said, adding that he has tried to contact Johnson, but doesn’t know anyone who knows where she is now.

“She acted like a kid,” Tamica Lincoln, her former guardian says. “She did her homework. She got good report cards.”

Since Charity skipped town, they haven’t talked to her, but are more than happy to help her if she ever returns.