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Smoke Dza and Prodigy lend killer bars and dope verses to a beat laced by New Jersey’s own AlistFame for a new cypher series from RapFest.

Kushed God kicks it off, spitting: “Since George Kush I had the block pumping, Kill these niggas straight face, Tim Duncan.”

The video then jumps to the producer explaining how he came up with the track, which was itself inspired by old Mobb Deep music.

The folks over at RapFest knew lyrical titans Smoke DZA and Prodigy of Mobb Deep were a perfect way to introduce such a monumental platform. As members of the cypher continue to pour in, we look forward to seeing some of the best undiscovered talent the world has to offer, alongside some of rap’s brightest stars.

Check out the RapFest cypher above.

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