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Football season is here again and, whether or not you follow the game closely, there’s plenty for us ladies to look forward to in the upcoming season.

The NFL has always had some of the hottest players in professional sports, but this time around, they’ve really outdone themselves. In this year’s draft, we were introduced to hundreds of talented – and extremely hot – pro-ball rookies, including Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey, Calvin Pryor, and many, many more.

We may not all know exactly what’s going on on the field, but one thing’s for sure – there’s a whole lot of man candy out there and we’re here for all of it. The guys can keep their scantily-clad cheerleaders; bring on the beefcakes!

For those of you who many not be familiar, or need a reason to get into the game, here’s a list of the Hottest NFL Rookies in the 2014-2015 Season.

Check some new eye candy for this season in the gallery below.


The Hottest Rookies Of The 2014-2015 NFL Season (PHOTOS)
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