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“Welcome to Havana. Smoking Cubanas with Castro in cabanas.” – Jay Z

It’s no secret, Jay Z loves cigars (always has and always will).

Jay’s love for the tightly rolled bundle of tobacco is so real, the 44-year-old rapper started a joint venture with the Cohiba Comador company. Jay and the Cohiba Comador created a very rare cigar, only available at Jay Z’s 40/40 Club, as well as the super exclusive Club Macanudo that costs $210 for a regular seven pack of cigars.

It’s Monday, and we didn’t have anything better to do, so we rounded up 21 pictures of Jay Z enjoying his favorite vice.

Check out Hov puffin’ on his Cubans (when in Cuba) and Cohibas in the gallery below.


21 Pictures Of Jay Z Smoking Cigars (PHOTOS)
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