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A Missouri grand jury meeting to determine if Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in the shooting death of Michael Brown will get more time to deliberate, according to CNN.

St. Louis County Judge Carolyn Whittington has extended the grand jury’s deadline until January 7, said Paul Fox, the county’s director of judicial administration.

The grand jury will mull testimony and decide whether they believe Wilson committed a crime when he shot Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, on August 9.

The grand jury, which meets in secrecy, consists of nine white people (six men and three women) and three black people (two women and a man), court officials have said.

Wilson shot an unarmed Brown six times on August 9, killing him in the Canfield Apartment complex in Ferguson. Ferguson police claim Brown and Wilson were engaged in a physical altercation before the shooting, but witnesses say Brown was shot with his hands in the air.

The shooting led to weeks of unrest in the Ferguson area between police using militarized tactics and residents. The Justice Department announced they will investigate the police force for misconduct and mistreatment of Ferguson residents.

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