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Unlike most of the reality TV stars out there today, Draya has been able to make her face, name, and business stick outside of the on-camera drama.

The Mint Swim designer and Basketball Wives: LA favorite has an obvious knack for making good calls when it comes to who (and what) she associates herself with, but we also think it’s got something to do with the fact that she keeps her word.

Draya recently returned to a school in Compton that she’d previously promised to help out. Not only did she donate thousands of dollars, she spent time with the kids from Optimal Christian Academy, and even shared this insightful tidbit on the ‘Gram:

Last year around the same time I visited a school in Compton called optimal Christian Academy. I had the cameras of Basketball Wives come with me to capture it. However, it never made the final cut and never ended up on the actual show. The purpose of the visit was to establish a school with needs, I could donate to because I was having a big dress sale event and wanted to donate the proceeds. Due to all the drama that transpired during the season, I decided not to involve the women in what I wanted to be such a positive event and it never happened. Because I went to the school and told then I was going to help fix up their playground I decided I needed to keep my promise and fulfill it. Yesterday, I took my own camera and make sure only what was real was captured. The beautiful students and staff were all there to greet me and it was just amazing. The playground had holes in the asphalt and needed patching. My donation was enough to cover it and was so graciously appreciated. This school is a black-family-owned school and it feels good to be able to help out people like me. These are the types of businesses that need our support.

It was definitely a thoughtful gesture on her part, and we’re sure the kids and staff are beyond grateful.

Check out the accompanying photos and video from Ms. Michele’s charitable day out in Compton above and below. Draya luh the kids!


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