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“Yay, it’s Monday, yet again,” said no one ever.

We’ll be the first ones to admit it—Mondays. are. the. worst. The bane of our existence. If we could, we would just sleep our way right into Tuesday, but, there’s at least one good reason to wake up today, and that, my friends, would be a magical thing called #mancrushmonday.

And because of that, we present you with Idris Elba (as if you really needed an introduction). Over the weekend, the British babe held a Q&A on Reddit where fans failed to ask him about that “mic wire” of his but did ask if he would ever play James Bond. His answer:

“Yes, if it was offered to me, absolutely.”

While we work on putting together a petition to get him casted as the next 007 ASAP, try not to get lost in those dreamy eyes of his in the gallery of our #MCM down below. We dare you.


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