New Yorkers Hit Coney Island Beach On The Last Week Of Summer

Big cities can have irrational stereotypes attached to them. Case in point: New York City.

Ah, the Big Apple. With over 8.3 million people residing in New York and over 50 million visitors in 2013, many people seem to have their minds made up about the residents of NYC. It can be tough to prove the opposite sometimes, but with an open mind, your next trip to the city will be a great one…minus the misconceptions, of course.

For Nissan’s Globetrotter series, we’re here to debunk some of the biggest myths about one of the biggest cities in the world.

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1.  Everyone has the same accent. 


There are over 800 languages spoken in New York City. With the five boroughs included, everyone doesn’t “tawk” like this.

2.  Everyone is a fashionista. 

giphy (1)

Sure, New York Fashion Week and the flagships of the biggest luxury brands are here, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a know-it-all in fashion. Just watch out for the models.

3.  It’s always cold.

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The winters can be brutal, but the summers are wonderful! And hot.

4. Everyone is rich.


If you’re lucky, you have a high paying job. But the cost of rent, car insurance, dental, groceries, and other necessities can burn a hole in your wallet.

5. Hot Dogs are the Holy Grail. 

giphy (3)

Hot dogs from the street carts are yummy, but so are bagels, halal food, pizza, pizza, and more pizza.

6. Everyone loves to drink. 

giphy (4)

Well…everyone does, right?

7. Everyone loves brunch.

giphy (5)

New Yorkers enjoy good meals, but all of us aren’t taking off for mimosas.

8. Work is the only thing that matters. 

giphy (6)

New Yorkers have a professional stereotype of being serious workaholics. Some of us just really enjoy our jobs! Right?

9.  Our favorite rapper is Jay Z. 


There are other great rappers from NYC – like Nas, Biggie Smalls, Nas, and Nas. Did I mention Nas?

10. The suburbs are located in Upstate New York. 


You can find cul-de-sacs anywhere in New York, not just in Middletown, USA.

11.  No one can drive in New York.

giphy (7)

Don’t fret, driving in New York can be really tricky at first, but it’s all about concentration when finagling your way through rush hour. When you have skills like that, it makes you a pretty awesome driver.

12. The Bronx is a scary place. 


The Bronx is filled with rich history and delicious food. Anywhere you go, there’s a chance of prominent danger. It shouldn’t hinder you from missing out on something great!

13. We feel a way about the southern shift in hip-hop music. 

giphy (8)

There’s enough room for everyone in hip-hop. The genre may have started here, but with mavericks from the West Coast, the South and beyond, hip-hop is becoming one of the best genres in music thanks to its diversity.

14. We’re tough cookies. 

giphy (9)

Everyone needs a good cry sometimes – no matter how tough we seem.

15. We’re the rudest people you’ll ever meet. 

giphy (10)

New York is huge place and everyone seems to be on the go. You might catch a crabby apple here and there, but we’re nice people. And we love giving directions.

PHOTO CREDIT: Giphy, Tumblr 

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