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Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning Show dropped a bombshell on Tuesday, when Peter Rosenberg relayed the alleged story of what really went down between Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa.

During an eight-minute “Talk About It Tuesday” segment, Rosenberg revealed some interesting details about the hip-pop couple’s split. It’s been reported that Amber caught Wiz Khalifa cheating, and according to the radio host, it was with two women – twin sisters, nonetheless.

“Amber walked in on him with 2 women, same time. Twin biological sisters,” Rosenberg said.

The incident went down at one of Wiz Khalifa’s homes, to which Amber had the keys. Rosenberg goes on to say the couple has been having relationship issues for a while, but if Wiz was willing to work on things, Amber would try to fix it. As of yet, he hasn’t reached out to reconcile.

Watch the full video of Rosenberg’s dirt up above.


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