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Another day, another example of strange behavior for Amanda Bynes.

The actress was spotted riding her Citi Bike in front of New York City’s Penn Station this weekend. Sounds normal, right? Well, according to witnesses, the former Nickelodeon star rode her bike directly into walking pedestrians, and even into the busy city’s traffic, with no concern for pedestrians – or her own safety.

In the video here, you can see a seemingly disheveled Bynes as she smokes a cigarette while trying to control the bike.

The person who recorded the video and posted it to his Instagram wrote:

Creature Spotted in NYC: Amanda Bynes. Riding a Citibike through the crosswalks in front of Penn Station into people, nodding her head, Smoking a cig #amandabynes #nyc #dontDoDrugs #DrugsAreBad

Amanda found herself in the news again last week, after being pulled over for a DUI. Her mental health has also been called into question. 

Check out the quirky video by clicking here.

VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram, Splash 

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