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Protestors and police in the St. Louis neighborhood of Shaw clashed Thursday, marking the second night of unrest following the fatal shooting of a black teenager Vonderrit Myers Jr. by a white police officer.

The demonstrations come just hours before a weekend of resistance — rallies and protests headed by youth organizers to combat police brutality and racial bias — sparked by the death of another black teenager, Michael Brown Jr.

As many as 400 protestors marched the streets in south St. Louis, calling for justice and confronting rows of police decked out in riot gear.

The peaceful protests soon turned chaotic. Police demanded the groups disperse, threatening to arrest any one who stayed to demonstrate.

Police then resorted to pepper-spraying the crowd. Many activists and residents took to social media to show the brutal and painful effects of the use of force.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson told Fox 2 reporters that several businesses and a police car had been damaged. He also said someone threw a knife in the line of police that struck the vest of an officer.

Two people were arrested as of midnight, Dotson said.

The clashes haven’t deterred social justice groups, who, along with 6,000 others who have signed up, plan to march in the weekend of planned protests and rallies.

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SOURCE: Reuters, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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