Kim Kardashian seen leaving her apartment and heading to L'Avenue for lunch

Kim Kardashian is always making more moves, so it’s no wonder she’s hitting our television screens again.

The 33-year-old reality starlet is set to star in an episode of 2 Broke Girls, where we’ll get to see her put her acting hat on once again. Kim was seen in a newly released promo photo from CBS for the upcoming episode, which airs as the fourth season premiere on October 27th.

Tune in to see Kim in acting action, and see the promo photo here.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend to BAFTA 2014 in London

Brad Pitt is finally dishing on that wedding we’ve been itching to hear more details about.

The famous actor recently talked to Extra about marrying his longtime partner Angelina Jolie this summer, and he discussed their honeymoon being mixed in with work on the set of their new movie By The Sea.

He also told them about the wedding being “something we thought we’d do for the kids,” but it turned out to mean a lot more than that:

“I thought we were as deep as you could get with six kids and it upped the ante,” he said.

He also talked about the new project with his wife:

 “It’s a really elegant kind of… sparse story that she has written about a dysfunctional couple. It’s really about grief, it’s a couple dealing with grief… and yes, this is our honeymoon. [Malta] is not a bad place to be, I’ll tell you that.”


If you’re a fan of Peter Pan, brace yourselves.

The first poster for Peter Pan Live! has gone viral, which is just some early promo for the live televised musical that will air this upcoming holiday season.

Christopher Walken stars on the poster as Captain Hook, while Allison Williams of GIRLS stars in full costume as Peter Pan.

The musical airs on NBC on December 4th, going from 8 PM-10 p.m.

SOURCE: Us Weekly, Gossip Cop | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, ABC

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