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It’s no secret.

Fox News isn’t going to receive an award for best news network this year. They’ve proved time and time again that discussing sexism, racism – or any euphemism for things that don’t fit into the conservative box – isn’t their forte.

But their coverage of women’s issues, feminism, rape, abortion, etc. has been particularly disturbing. All of which lead us to think they’re not really here for women.

Don’t believe us? Just check out 13 examples below:

That time they mocked street harassment and joined in on the catcalling:

Fox, these are not compliments.

That time Eric Bolling diminished female pilot Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri’s mission against ISIS by calling it “Boobs On The Ground:”

Fucking pigs.

That time Elisabeth Hasselbeck compared Benghazi to domestic violence…which makes NO SENSE AT ALL:

We’re still trying to figure that one out.

That time a host asked about the frequency of college rapes (spoiler alert: he doesn’t believe they happen often):

Just to be clear, it happens. A FUCKING LOT!

That time they insisted the lesson from Ray Rice’s domestic violence incident was to “take the stairs:”

Wrong again!

That time Bill O’Reilly believed there would be a downside to having a female president:

Patriarchy is a bitch, amirite? 

That time a Fox host weighed in on what it would take for Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 presidential bid — “Beyonce Voters,” or women who want the government to pay for their birth control:

Way to perpetuate gender imbalance in health care costs while implying that birth control is an unnecessary handout to single (read promiscuous) women.

That time they called Michelle Obama fat:

Everyone sucks. You all suck.

That time Bill Cunningham told a woman ON TELEVISION to know her role and shut her mouth:

We don’t condone violence, but…

That time Fox insisted males dominating women was science, so stop questioning it:

Funny science never matters when discussing global warming…

That time a Fox host implored victims of domestic violence to make better choices:

Way to victim shame…

Any time Andrea Tantaros blames anything on feminism:

Like statutory rape, bad grades…any and everything…

Any time Ann Coulter opens her mouth:

The anti-woman of all anti-womaness…