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Chris Brown has collaborated with a bunch of talented artists all over the country, and next weekend some of his work will be highlighted at an art gallery in Los Angeles.

Breezy’s love for art has cultivated a bunch of great pieces for charity; including his own original installments, as well as the work stemming from his friendship with contemporary artist Ron English – like his Fame album cover below.

Following Chris’ latest collab with photographer Karen Bystedt, we take a look at some other celebs with a passion for art. Take a look below at six other amazingly talented celebrities who are also great artists.

Andre 3000:

Andre 3000 is one of the best rappers in the game, he can also sing, and he’s a super dope artist. If you’ve been wondering what he’s doing since last putting out an album, he told the New York Times during an interview:

“I’ve been drawing and painting a lot more. I’ve always drawn costumes, things I was going to wear onstage. Seven [his son] and I hate folding clothes, so we’d always take all of our clean clothes and just put ’em on the table. One day, I was like, “Man, we living like college students.” I got so fed up with [the mess]. I drew it. [He pulls out iPhone and flips through some sketches.] I see me moving into a visual space.”

Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson is more than just the King Of Pop. He’s also an amazing artist who drew his own kind of masterpieces, including a portrait of Martin Luther King he did for Oprah. MJ donated his art to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and the collection of his work is valued at a jaw-dropping $900 million.

James Franco:

James Franco is a genius. He’s also an artist. On his website, he credits his grandmother for putting him on to the art world. “She took me to Japan to meet artists there. One even invited me to live with him for a year. I didn’t, and now I regret it.” Check out an example of his painting skills below.

Kanye West:

Back in 2005, BY (Before Yeezus) the Louis Vuitton Don showed MTV a glimpse of his art collection. ‘Ye gave the breakdown of one of his pieces saying, “I think I was always on some sarcastic, trying to get a rise out of people [vibe],” West explained. “I tried to get something that connects more than just the glass. So this is my take on glass.”

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan has a major passion for art. On his official website he highlights some of his work. He even revealed how he got into art, saying, “I always wanted to be an artist, a painter. I started as a Trainee Artist in a small studio in South London.”

Billy Dee Williams:

Billy Dee Williams works every time…at art. The Star Wars actor and former face of Colt 45 is a great artist whose paintings go for as much as $12,000 in the art brokerage word.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty, Splash

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