After pulling in the fifth highest opening box office of all time its safe to say that Black Panther inspired a lot of things in us all. It also inspired a lot of artists to create. Here are some of the best works of art shared on Instagram.

Ever since Barack Obama‘s presidential portrait was revealed at the National Portrait Gallery on Monday, folks have been posting memes making fun of the Kehinde Wiley painting. Despite the many reinterpretations, one meme has surfaced that might take the cake. Someone reimagined a young Obama sitting fly for a Gucci campaign. Check it out below.   […]

Young-sung Kim is a Korean artist based in New York and his hyperrealistic paintings are making waves across the Internet. Most of his subjects include small animals and wildlife, but they looks so real, you’d think you could touch the moisture from their bodies with your hands. Swipe through to check out more of Kim’s […]

Everyone, meet Christian Dior Hickman-Jackson…   The young artist is reworking classic 90s and 2000s cartoons for a new audience. Ever wonder if Tommy from Rugrats got caught up with Pennywise from It? What about if Riley from The Boondocks and Penny from The Proud Family hooked up? Swipe through to check out Christian’s dope take on […]

Bill Cosby may still be celebrating his shocking mistrial verdict, but not everyone is supportive of the legendary comedian these days. Ben’s Chili Bowl, a restaurant in D.C. known for celebrating Black history and culture, has repainted their famous mural — but this time, sans Cosby. The controversial star has been a regular customer at the […]

It’s no secret that Game is a huge fan of Prince. The rapper released the tribute song, “Rest in Purple,” following Prince‘s death last month. And now he has purchased a large-sized portrait of the legendary star. The 8′ x 6′ piece, inspired by Purple Rain, was created by artist MadSteez, whom Game commissioned for the job […]

Macklemore knows a thing or two about White Privilege, but who knew that he was also Justin Bieber penis pancake painting savvy?

Chris Brown is loving life these days, and it shows in his newest artwork. Despite having a troubled 2014, and a scary shooting during his performance in San Jose earlier this year, Breezy still seems on the right path. The 25-year old superstar has admitted his artwork is therapeutic for him – not to mention he’s damn good […]

Chris Brown has collaborated with a bunch of talented artists all over the country, and next weekend some of his work will be highlighted at an art gallery in Los Angeles. Breezy’s love for art has cultivated a bunch of great pieces for charity; including his own original installments, as well as the work stemming from […]

Messy.. messy! This guy George Zimmerman can’t seem to stay clear of drama. The Associated Press has sent Zimmerman a cease-and-desist letter on Thursday for a painting he created based on an AP photo of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey. Zimmerman’s now former lawyer notified the AP that she no longer represents him but said she […]

You have to be a special kind of girl to get Christmas gifts from Kanye West, and you’d have to be Kim Kardashian to actually get away with being able to wear them. Yesterday while the world was hitting the stores to return their Christmas gifts, KimYe were out buying more as they hit up […]