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The 90-year-old Florida man who was issued a citation earlier this week for feeding the homeless is in trouble again for making sure humans don’t go hungry.

Arnold Abbott, the Good Samaritan who has been feeding Fort Lauderdale’s homeless for 23 years, expected to be arrested again after his run-in with police Sunday. He has made it his job to feed the homeless every Wednesday by the beach, and this week’s citation didn’t stop him.

On Wednesday, Abbott drew a large crowd of supporters and news cameras as he went about serving those in need in his usual spot on Fort Lauderdale Beach, behind Bahia Mar. The 90-year-old chef has been helping feed the area’s homeless through his non-profit group Love Thy Neighbor Fund.

But soon enough, four police officers approached Abbott to lead him away. As they ushered him through the crowd, chants broke out calling out his name. Others yelled out “Shame!”

The Fort Lauderdale officers watched the group feed the homeless for a good 45 minutes before doing anything. But when Abbott began doing an interview with a channel 10 news crew, the officers moved in and escorted Abbott away from the cameras and issued the citation and took his fingerprints.

Once again, proving both the new city ordinance that makes it unlawful to feed groups of homeless individuals in public unless hand washing and toilet facilities are provided, and police (who, we’d like to think, probably don’t want to put a 90-year-old man in cuffs) really suck.

Abbott faces up to a $500 fine and 60 days in jail under the law.

SOURCE: BrowardPalmBeach | PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Matthew Moore