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Beloved actor Robin Williams struggled with his Parkinson’s disease, depression, and paranoia before he committed suicide, the official coroner’s report states.

The paranoia had not been previously reported, according to TMZ, who obtained a copy of the report.

“…the night before Robin died, he placed several wrist watches in a sock and gave them to someone because he was worried about their safe keeping.


Williams had 4 drugs in his system — 2 anti-depressant, and 2 caffeine compounds (listed as a drug).  The Coronor’s report confirms what we were told by various people … Williams was sober at the time of death.


According to the Coroner’s report … authorities asked Williams’ wife if Robin was into autoerotica. She said he was not, but he worked on a movie several years ago in which the character who played Willaims’ son died of autoerotica, and the scene was “very difficult and emotional for Mr. Williams.”


As we reported … Williams was getting treatment for severe depression shortly before his death. After he died, Robin’s widow Susan Schneider revealed he was in the early stages of Parkinson’s.

The details come nearly three months after Williams’ Aug. 11 death. He was found hanging by a belt in his home. An initial report also noted the actor had attempted to cut his wrists with a pocket knife.


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