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Be mindful when asking someone to turn off their cell phone during a movie screening, you might get sprayed with mace.

That’s what happened on Monday night at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California during the showing of Mr. Turner. A man asked a woman sitting in front of him to turn off her phone because the screen was glowing in the dark theater.

“He was saying ‘Excuse me sir, could you please turn off your screen'” over and over, the eyewitness tells Mashable (he had apparently mistaken the woman for a man). After repeating himself several times, and without a response, the man then tapped the woman on the shoulder.

The woman reacted angrily to being touched, and “flipped out” on him, the eyewitness said. “She stands up and starts cursing, saying ‘You hit me, you hit me, I’m going to call the police.” She then turned the phone’s flashlight function on and pointed it directly at the man’s face.

The confrontation between the unidentified man and woman went on for a minute, as other movie-goers told the woman to have a seat. Things took a turn when the woman threatened him with mace.

Without hesitation, she took the cap off the bottle, pointed it directly in his face and sprayed him at point-blank range. The man and the woman sitting next to him sat for a moment in shock as she sat back down. As the couple left, the man slapped the woman on the arm and said something to her, the eyewitness said.

Awkwardly enough, the woman sat back down like nothing happened. Twenty minutes later, security and volunteers removed the woman from the theater. According to witnesses, the movie never stopped and the woman did not put up a fight as she was leaving.


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