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As the jury meets today to begin deliberations on the fate of Darren Wilson, new reports have surfaced about the officer resigning from the Ferguson police force.

In a report from CNN, talks of a resignation have been underway for sometime, but Wilson has decided to step down to protect his fellow police officers. Wilson also didn’t want his plans of turning in his badge to effect the jury’s decision on whether or not to indict him for the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown in August.

Wilson has told associates he would resign as a way to help ease pressure and protect his fellow officers. Wilson has expressed concern about resigning while the grand jury was hearing evidence for fear it would appear he was admitting fault.

The talks could still collapse, these people said. Wilson doesn’t know what the grand jury will do and if they return charges he could change his mind.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson went back on his previous statements about Wilson returning to the police force on Thursday. Jackson’s earlier comments included the possibility of Wilson heading back to work if he was clear of Brown’s murder:

“I don’t see it happening,” Jackson said in a brief interview. He did not elaborate on his thinking, calling it a “personnel matter.”

The grand jury can reach a decision as early as Sunday on the case.