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A Stockton, California gym teacher has been charged with causing injury to a child and has been put on leave after trying to drag a 14-year-old into the school’s swimming pool while she screamed and struggled to keep her top on. The high school student said she didn’t want to get in because she just got her hair done for an event happening later that day and the teacher refused to take no for an answer. Another one of his students caught the incident on video. [Gawker]

Two men who faced the death penalty for a murder that happened in 1975 are walking free after spending 39 years on death row. All of the charges were dismissed after a witness admitted that his testimony was all lies. Ricky Jackson and Wiley Bridgeman were convicted of murdering businessman Harry Franks because of the testimony of the 12-year-old who said he saw the murder himself. [Daily Mail]

The fiancée of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who passed away due to Ebola, has moved into a new home in Dallas. Most of her possessions were destroyed during the quarantine and the condominium was purchased by three families who attend the Wilshire Baptist Church. For more information, visit: [ABC News]


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