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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani caused a huge ruckus during his appearance on NBC’s Meet The Press Sunday after commenting on Ferguson and the vast disproportioned areas in the country where white police officers outnumber diverse communities. While talking to Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson, Giuliani questioned why people don’t protest black-on-black violence at the same level as the protests happening in Ferguson. He also went on to say this: “White police officers wouldn’t be there if you (blacks) weren’t killing each other.” Check out the full exchange above. [NBC News

A newborn baby was found in a storm drain in Australia on Sunday, left there by his mother for five days until he was discovered. The child was recovered by cyclists who thought the cries were kitten meows. The baby boy is in serious, but stable condition. His mother has been arrested and charged with attempted murder. Officials say the baby wouldn’t have survived if left in the drain any longer, since temperatures in the country are rapidly dropping. [BBC News]

A 47-year-old father accidentally shot his 9-month-old daughter while cleaning an illegal gun in Brooklyn. The father is being investigated — he previously stated that the incident happened on the street. The baby was struck in the abdomen and is expected to make a full recovery. Neighbors described the father as a “drunk,” while others say he was friendly. [Huff Post


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