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Who gon’ stop us?

New York rapper/songwriter Manolo Rose stopped by the No Judgment Zone recent to talk about how his song “Dope Man” turned into Troy Ave‘s “All About The Money.”

During the chat, Manolo explained:

“They wanted to get on the record and it was a back and forth thing for a little bit. Then, like a month later, he actually looped the beat, did it on his own and took it to the radio. But at that point it was ‘what can I do now?’ So I had to see how I could capitalize off what he just did.”

Manolo appeared grateful that Troy hopped on the song and put him on the radio, admitting that, “There’s no hard feelings,” because he has more hits coming.

“I might have not been OK with it in the initial sense and I might have felt some kind of resentment, but at the same time I am not a fool either. I figured it is what it is, he took it. He did it, then it was like, I would be a fool not to be in the video. I never seen a person who sit around crying go to the next level. That guy always get ignored.”

And true to his word, Manolo followed “All About The Money” with “Run Ricky Run,” which he calls an “even crazier record.”

For more on Manolo, watch the entire NJZ above.

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