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This was definitely Jimmy Fallon‘s year.

Starting 2014 off by taking over The Tonight Show in place of Jay Leno, the talk show host has had some of the highest ratings for late night shows this year, and anyone can see why.

The former SNL castmember pulled in just about every celebrity you can think of to do all kinds of challenges, dances, performances – you name it. It’s not easy filling such iconic shoes, but Jimmy has come out on top to prove he’s got what it takes to stand with the legends some day.

Entertainment Weekly even named Jimmy their Entertainer of the Year, and it’s certainly well-earned.

From mom-dancing with the First Lady of our country, to cracking eggs on David Beckham’s prized possession, Jimmy has done it all.

See some of the great moments from Jimmy Fallon and friends below.

When he first got The Tonight Show gig, everyone paid up their $100 bet for him landing the spot. We mean EVERYONE.

Back when Ariana Grande liked to wear more flared dresses and her hair up, she sang some Broadway versions of our favorite rap song.

How epic was it when Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash all sang Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy?”

Jimmy Fallon gets Jeff Daniels, Usher, and Nick Jonas to play Pyramid.

What about when Joseph Gordon-Levitt showed us that he knows ALL the words to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass?”

Jimmy Fallon recruits Will Smith for the ‘Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dance.’

Lindsay Lohan was nice enough to let Jimmy splash her in the face with water multiple times.

Kevin Hart might be a ‘grown little man,’ but he is definitely even funnier in that aspect when he rides a roller coaster with Jimmy at Universal.

Jimmy might be the only person who can convince David Beckham to smash half a dozen eggs on his head.

Only Channing Tatum would play a game called “Sticky Balls” with Jimmy Fallon.


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