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When the Grammy nominations were released towards the end of 2014, many raised an eyebrow at the “Best Rap Album” category. Why? Well, if you haven’t heard, YG‘s My Krazy Life album was snubbed.

While many hip-hop fans have spoken out about the “I Just Wanna Party” rapper not being nominated, some krazy dedicated fans took to The Grammy museum to actually protest.

Fans took photos of their protest outside of the museum, and tweeted at YG so he could see how hard they are willing to go to get him proper recognition.

And before you get any ideas, the protests were not planned by YG himself.

After they were kicked out of the museum, YG tweeted in response to seeing his fans’ dedication:

We’ve got to admit – that’s some serious loyalty!

So, do you think YG’s album deserves a nomination?


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