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Chris Brown is the newest participant in #EggplantFridays, and boy, are the ladies loving it!

Posting a pretty risqué picture to his Instagram page, the “Loyal” singer posed for a collage, as he laid back and relaxed in front of a window.

What caught the attention of the female population, however, was what was appearing to poke out of his sweatpants.

Have a good look, ladies.

Bill Cosby is still able to sell out shows across the country, but some of those ticket purchasers aren’t exactly fans.

The veteran comedian was performing his stand-up routine in Ontario, Canada, when he was reportedly heckled by protestors who shouted out “we believe the women,” in light of all of the rape accusations against him.

Some supporters of Mr. Cosby immediately came to his side, as they shouted out “We love you” back at the hecklers. According to Gossip Cop, Bill told the crowd to “remain calm” and told them to let them have their say before they were escorted out.

What do you guys think of the hecklers?

Matt Kemp is not going to be a dad after all, despite previous reports.

Yesterday, news broke everywhere that the Los Angeles baseball player was expecting a child with his rumored girlfriend Nchimunya Wulf, but he has since shot those rumors down.

He tweeted about the reports:

Apparently, they’re not even a confirmed couple and some are speculating that she is simply just his stylist, which is why they are seen together so often.

We’ll have to see how their rumored relationship plays out in the future.

Meryl Streep is one of the most sought-out actresses in Hollywood, but there was once a time where she was turned down because of her looks.

Stopping by The Graham Norton Show this week, the award-winning actress revealed that she was once called “ugly” when she auditioned for the 1976 movie King Kong.

She said that the director of the film asked his son about bringing Meryl to the audition, commenting in Italian: “Why do you bring me this ugly thing?”

Well, with 18 Academy Award nominations since then, it looks like karma bit him back!

SOURCE: Gossip Cop | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Splash, WENN 

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