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Funkmaster Flex is one bold guy.

The Hot 97 DJ went on a second rant over Jay Z, playing some of his most classic records,and then saying live on the air via his radio show:

“You are a corporate commercial rapper that drops a little catch phrase every three months”

“We are not scared of you. This radio station doesn’t need you or care.”

“If you ever plan on taking a shot like that at me or any sublim, I will be on this radio every day going at you”

Listen to the full rant below.

On top of the rant, Flex also posted a photo of an alleged text message he received from Jigga that read: “This is HOV.”

While there’s certainly no confirmation that it’s Jay who sent the text message, #ThisIsHOV became a trending hashtag on Twitter over the weekend, with tons of users poking fun at the phrase.

Flex captioned the questionable photo:

Really? After calling private for hours you texting with CAPITAL letters????? This guy thinks it 1997 ???? Tomorrow 7pm I got this???? I see you need a tune up and lesson in respect!!!!!

This is getting out of hand.


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