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A woman in Washington State has been charged with attempted murder after she cut the throats of her three children in order to keep them quiet, authorities said.

Christina Booth, 28, injured the children she has with her husband Thomas Booth — a 2-year-old and 6-month-old twins — and called 911 to report that her children were crying nonstop and needed medical attention.

But when officers arrived, they discovered a grisly scene.

From CNN:

As spelled out by a local prosecutor, police saw the twins on the couch crying “uncontrollably” and “bleeding from their necks.”

One officer then went upstairs and found the couple’s 2-year-old in bed, under the covers with “dry blood all over her.”

The children, now in protective custody, are expected to survive — they underwent surgery after being rushed to a local hospital and are now in stable condition.

A probable cause filing states that Booth was suffering from postpartum depression. The young mother was also drinking the night of the incident. But her account of what occurred that night differs slightly from her husband’s.

In the probable cause filing, Thomas Booth told investigators he had two “large glasses” and his wife had at least the same amount.

“Thomas said he was feeling intoxicated,” the document reads “and Christina was intoxicated to the point that she was slurring her words.”

As the movie wrapped up, Thomas Booth told police, his wife took the toddler upstairs to put her to bed, but then “a short time later Christina came down the stairs in only her underwear crying and screaming.”

Christina Booth, like her husband, spoke to authorities without an attorney present. Her story differs from her husband’s slightly, a local prosecutor said.

She told a police detective that she was having “a really rough time” taking care of her three children. She said that her husband “never helps” and that he “gets very annoyed when the children cry and make noise.”

Like her husband, Christina Booth said they were watching a movie and she went to put the toddler to bed just before the movie ended. She then told authorities that the twins started crying and “she hit her breaking point.”

Booth confessed to the crimes, saying “she knew if she killed all the kids the house would be quiet for Thomas,” according to CNN.

Thomas Booth has not been charged with any crimes following the attack. A judge set bail for Christina Booth at $3 million.


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