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Yes, the no pants club is totally a thing. And, yes, we are proud members. Our leggy leader? Rihanna, of course.

See, men’s clothing is not just men’s clothing. Their T-shirts make for the perfect excuse opportunity to be bottomless like nature intended and yet, maintain our modesty.

You see an ASSK long-sleeve T-shirt, RiRi sees a dress that stops just above her knees – because she’s a visionary who seeks to liberate her legs from the oppression of pants.

With the $162 shirt, the Bajan beauty wore an oversized denim jacket—and oversized is an understatement—by Matthew Dolan. She topped off her borrowed-from-the-boys ensemble with a Pigalle snapback, added a pair of bright pink Christian Louboutins for a touch of femininity, and carried a $1,890 Givenchy triangle wristlet.

Legs free at last.


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