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Sometimes, with great struggle comes a life full of wisdom and happiness.

A Detroit factory worker by the name of James Robertson appeared on the news a few days ago, making headlines because of the 21-mile hike he takes every day on his way to work. As we previously reported, thousands of people learned that James was without a car, united, and created a GoFundMe account so that he could purchase one.

Daily Mail reports:

The unexpected gift is the latest in an outpouring of donations from supporters across the globe who, touched by James Robertson’s plight, have raised more than $320,000 in an online campaign to help him buy a car.

Robertson had told the Detroit Free Press that his car broke down a decade ago and, making $10.55 an hour, he has been unable to save for a new one.

Now, we have his reaction to his new whip. When Robertson saw the car, he was overwhelmed with joy. Robertson said:

If only my parents could see me now.

We’re happy to see things turned out for the better. Check out the photos of him checking out his car here.


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