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Today is Fat Tuesday, and we knew we could count on our favorite girl (and New Orleans resident) to serve all the style and make us want to move to Louisiana in the process.

When it comes to capturing the beauty of Mardi Gras, Solange Knowles has been a pro. Take it from this Instagram post last year:

And this one from this year:

And another from last year:

And the second line (not during Mardi Gras) she participated in to celebrate her nuptials with Alan Ferguson recently:

Yep, she kills it every time. Which got us thinking — Solo’s photos, Mardi Gras/epic wedding or not, literally ooze art. And color. And vibrancy. And style. And…well, she’s a damn Pinterest board and we can’t get enough.

Check out these 40 pictures from Solo’s Instagram page that proves she’s a literal work of art. Pinterest should cut her a check.


40 Pictures That Prove Solange Knowles’ Instagram Is A Literal Work Of Art (PHOTOS)
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