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A white kid from Ohio shocked his family and sparked their beliefs in reincarnation when he told them he retuned to the world after living a past life as a black woman from Chicago.

According to Fox 8, Erika Ruehlman says her son started talking about a woman named “Pam” when he was two years old. Since the family didn’t know anyone named Pam in their family tree, the Cincinnati native asked her son more details about “Pam.” Luke told his mother that he lived a past life as the woman and died after leaping from a building fire.

“He was like, ‘Well I used to be, but I died and went to heaven and I saw God and eventually God pushed me back down. When I woke up I was a baby and you named me Luke’,” she told Fox 8.


Ruehlman was stunned. She pressed him more, and asked how she died.


“He looked right at me and said, ‘Yea it was fire.’ And at that point he made like a motion with his hand like he was jumping off a building,” Ruehlman told the station.


She claims he then detailed how Pam had lost her life in “a tall building” and had previously “traveled on the train in Chicago.”

With the details, Erika discovered there was an actually an African-American woman named Pamela Robinson. Robinson was in her 30’s when she died in 1993 at Chicago’s Paxton Hotel fire. Robinson leaped to her death during the blaze. During an appearance on the docu-series, “The Ghost Inside Me,” Luke pointed out Pam in a batch of random photos. Luke also shares the same love of Stevie Wonder songs, soul music, and the keyboard as Pam did.

While Erika says Luke hasn’t talked about the Pam since, she wants everyone to consider the “unification” her son has with Pam. She also says the family didn’t receive money for their TV appearance and doesn’t want any for their story.

Check out the full story in the video above.

SOURCE: Fox 8 Cleveland | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc. 

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