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Big Sean‘s reign of success continues on. The rapper made an announcement on MTV’s official Snapchat account, stating that he will be performing at the Woodie Awards on March 25. Ariana Grande’s better half, who is fresh off a super successful listening party, will be one of many performances at the show. According to MTV:

Kicking off the “2015 mtvU Woodie Awards” will be the “MTV Woodies Festival,” an all-day party with performances from the hottest new names in music. Festival doors open at 3 p.m. CT on Friday, March 20, 2015 at 305 South Congress Avenue in Austin and performances will be live streamed on starting at 5 p.m. ET/4 p.m. CT. The “MTV Woodies Festival” will lead up to the “2015 mtvU Woodie Awards,” which takeover the festival beginning at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. Entrance into the “2015 mtvU Woodie Awards” and festival is free, with an online RSVP available at a later date.

The Woodie Awards air live on MTV March 20 at 9 p.m. ET.

Jennifer Lee Pryor, the widow to legendary comic Richard Pryoris sharing her thoughts on Bill Cosby – and they are not pleasant.

On an episode of Alison Rosen is your New Best Friend, Jennifer uses some choice words to describe Bill, stating:

“It was a well-kept secret that Bill f*cked everything that moved. This kind of sh*t that we’re finding out about is beyond. I wasn’t aware of this kind of business. There are people in the business who were aware of it and they’re coming out now.”

She even claimed that Camille Cosby, who has spoken out in defense of her husband, knew about his lewd behavior, stating:

“Of course she knew. Why is she going for the ‘okie-doke,’ as Richard would say? That’s anybody’s guess. I can guess why — ka-ching,” Pryor said, making a cash register sound.

She referenced the two comedians’ famous rivalry:

“Richard was dirty on the outside, but he was a good person on the inside. Bill, f*ck. Clean. Oh, clean. He hated Richard because he worked dirty. Bill worked clean, so therefore, you know — Bill’s just a f*cking hypocrite, and dirty on the inside.”

Glee wrapped up taping its final season this week, and Lea Michele made sure to take a special gift with her.

The 28-year-old actress, who was madly in love with beloved co-star Cory Monteith before he passed away, took home his character’s jersey as she left the set she’s called home for six years. In a short but very sweet Instagram post, captioned “One last thing” and accompanied by a heart emoji, Lea can be seen carrying Finn Hudson’s jersey.

Though she’s moved on since his passing in 2013, clearly Cory will always have a special place in Lea’s heart.

Who run this motha? Female Thor, that’s who.

After receiving major criticism for creating a female Thor, Marvel writer Jason Aaron is responding to the specious comments. In a new Marvel comic, Female Thor kicks some villain and anti-feminism ass at the same time.

The Absorbing Man, who is the villain in this edition, states:

“Thor? Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to call you Thor? Damn feminists are ruining everything,” he says. “You wanna be a chick superhero? Fine. Who the hell cares? But get your own identity. Thor’s a dude. One of the last manly dudes still left. What’d you do, send him to sensitivity training so he’d stop calling Earth girls ‘wenches’?”

He goes on to ask: “What the hell kind of Thor are you?”

Thor goes on to sling her renowned hammer, stating: “The kind who just broke your jaw! That’s for saying ‘feminist’ like it’s a four-letter word, creep.”

Go here to see the full comic.

For all the Better Call Saul fans out there, another behind-the-scenes video has been uploaded just for you. The clip goes to show the makings of the latest episode of the show, in which Saul becomes a local hero.

Watch above.

SOURCE: Us Weekly, The Inquisitr, The Guardian,| PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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