Bill Cosby allegations

Unless Cosby is granted an appeal, he is scheduled to appear in court on May 24.

A day after losing an appeal that would have stopped his criminal case in Pennsylvania, it has been revealed that troubled entertainer Bill Cosby filed a lawsuit against the rape accuser at the center of the matter.

The legal drama that entertainer Bill Cosby has endured of late continues to mount, but there was a bit of a reprieve on Thursday. A federal judge moved to throw out a civil suit filed against Cosby, although there are dozens of other accusers awaiting their day for justice. The defamation lawsuit was filed by […]

Bill Cosby's legal issues regarding a staggering amount of sexual assault allegations have been mounting for much of the past year with little in the way of commentary from his wife, Camille Cosby.

Earlier today, news broke that Bill Cosby's past misdeeds may finally lead to some legal repercussions.

Bill Cosby came clean about the exact “type” of women he sought out. A newly discovered section of his decade-old deposition revealed the vulnerable young women the comedian recruited from a New York modeling agency while on The Cosby Show. According to Cosby himself, ideally these women were from out-of-town and “financially not doing well.” Agency owner Sue Charney connected Cosby with the […]


Bill Cosby's lawyers on Tuesday filed court papers claiming that the actor-comedian's reputation has been damaged by news media accounts that inaccurately portray him as

By now, it’s pretty well-known that Bill Cosby would reportedly cut a check to his assault victims in order to silence them, but the motivation to do so may now be a bit more clear. According to his newly released 2005 deposition, Cosby’s behavior while trying to de-escalate an incident involving Temple University employee Andrea Constand followed suit. […]

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